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Montessori pre-school and day-care, located in Jubilee Hills

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Our Mantra!

   Over a month ago

So overwhelmed to hear from a Grandparent at Anthea! Email and response both pasted below;

Hi suchitra/anupama

Below is a small message from my MIL for u guys 😊
I am Maya grandmother of Adarsh and have evinced great interest in all the activities of your school and more importantly your approach philosophy and understanding of a child's psyche as Montessori explains it . Jyothi just forwarded the Precursor to Antheotsaav to me and I am so impressed with your presentation that I cannot stop myself from sending a note of appreciation to you all at Anthea No wonder Adarsh misses school so much n says holidays are boring. I must congratulate you all for your holistic understanding of a child and the way you all integrate teaching learning experience. Do I have your permission to forward the Precursor to some of my friends who are parents or grandparents of children of Adarsh s age Congratulations once again I see Adarsh growing nay growing up every day in terms of his personality confidence levels communication and vocabulary and ofcourse imbibing the right values All the best for Anthea utsav on 4th

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Dear Parent,
Greetings from Anthea!
The long awaited ‘AntheOtsav’ is right around the corner!!! It is now time for us to prepare the parents! Our Disclaimer – Long Email Alert . We request you to read through it entirely.
The children have been rehearsing and doing their parts. When we say parts, parts can range from something as simple as looking cute in a costume and JUST walking down the stage, to saying a few lines as best as they can (or not!!). Please be aware that for some of your children, this is the First school experience. They have just gotten into the school routine. Like you already know, a simple long weekend can throw them off schedule. This event is going to be a HUGE shift from their routine. In all our workshops, we have spoken about how IMPORTANT order is, for a child this age. Any change from the day to day routine can disturb their internal order and rhythm. To us, it would be an achievement, if the child does not freeze/cry or refuse to come on stage.
Please do remember it is not about the performance, it is the journey and the amount of effort each one of them have put. Despite all the rehearsals and practice, it is quite possible that your child might not want to say or do anything and might decide not to come on to the stage on the D-day. Some might come on, and freeze or cry after seeing you in the audience. If they choose not to come onto stage we will not force the child and make it a traumatic experience for the child. Please prepare your child at home as well by encouraging him/her to wave and smile at you from the stage. Tell them how excited you are to see them on stage!
Please remember that for most of them it is their first stage experience. We urge you to look at it from their perspective. It can be quite a scary proposition for them to suddenly face a huge audience in an unfamiliar set up.
Some children are naturally overt and have great public speaking skills and some tend to be introverted and bashful. Each child comes in with an innate nature, and our job is to help them excel while we understand their strengths and weaknesses. Some of you (sometimes even us) may wonder –“why have such events in the first place”. The general idea is that, while no child should be forced to get onto stage, such experiences actually help them overcome their fears over time. We have seen many a time that the very children who are the loudest at school, tend to freeze and not perform on the D-Day. The idea is to remember that the child has practiced very hard. We promise to save a rehearsal video that we can share with you after the event 
At the end, it is an internal process, where the child determines his/her readiness. So please don’t be disappointed or look at it as a negative in your child. Let the child be well rested and well fed prior to the event. Without wanting to reveal anymore, we do hope that it will be a pleasant evening for all. Keeping in mind that we are having it in February, we are starting the event at 5pm and hope to wind up by 7 pm, with a light snack being served at the venue. If you think your child needs some comfort food/item from home to last the evening, please feel free to carry it with you to the venue.
Thank you all very much for your cooperation.
Team Anthea

   Over a month ago

Pongal O Pongal

   Over a month ago